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The Wood Manufacturing Council is a not-for-profit organization that works on human resource, skills and training issues in the advanced wood processing sector. We work in partnership with industry, educators, trade associations and other interested parties to address the long-term human resource and skills development issues in our sector. Established in 2002 by a group of concerned industry champions, the WMC has been working to assist stakeholders to identify HR gaps, attract the appropriate new skills to the industry and to help companies develop their existing workforce. WMC produces labour market information, promotes careers in woodworking, offers numerous training programs and has a variety of HR tools available to the industry.

Who this program is for?

This mentorship program is for women currently in production positions in the woodworking business and for those who have recently completed post secondary studies in wood processing and are launching their careers in the woodworking sector.


The Wood Manufacturing Council, in partnership with industry stakeholders, is excited to launch a new project aimed at increasing opportunities for the advancement of women within the woodworking sector through the introduction of a promising mentorship model. We are now undertaking a pilot project to implement it.

Our industry offers many opportunities for long and satisfying careers - opportunities exist - and we want women to stay in the industry and to flourish. However, we understand at times people feel challenged, isolated or are simply in need of guidance and counsel from women who have experienced similar issues and who have significant life and work experience to share. This is often true in the first year or two of employment. A mentor can help women through challenging times and circumstances or simply support women through their learning, development and advancement.

The ultimate goal is to have the mentorship program available to everyone in the industry (production and non-production employees), however, the project is concentrating on production workers during the piloting phase of the program. When possible, mentor-mentee meetings will take place face to face, but if geography or preference dictates, mentoring by phone or skype is also encouraged. The mentoring relationship will last one year formally, but again, the arrangement that best fits for the participants is welcome. We expect that in some cases these relationships could last a lifetime.

Many of our mentors will be from the woodworking sector, however, we are open to having mentors from related sectors (skilled trades, other manufacturing etc.) who can contribute to the mentees. The mentors will come from both production and non-production areas of their trade, with experiences and skills that can provide guidance, support and encouragement to mentees. Every effort will be made to match mentors and mentees with the most appropriate partners.

We invite women currently working in production positions in our industry and women who have completed (or are just completing) post-secondary wood processing courses to participate with us. Sign up today!


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